Shark Tank – Great TV show for new inventors to watch

ems Engineering and Manufacturing Services – 3D laser scanning

fh Cochrane Design – Graphic Art / Printed Material

Nancy J. Flint – Patent Attorney

iRay3D – Photo-Realistic Renderings and Animations

Marathon Mold – Plastic Injection Molding

Paramount Mold – Plastic Injection Molding

eDrawings – Free 3D viewer used for interim product review

See2Pee – Client Site – Bathroom Illumination

Skype – Consult with your client anywhere in the world

Nubo – Carbon Filtered Water Bottle

Solidworks – 3D design software used on every BrooksTech project

StopAmbush – Client Site – Law Enforcement Protect Device

United States Patent and Trademark Office – Everything you need to know about your patent

KickStarter – Crowd funding

Indiegogo – Crowd funding