"Dwight Brooks’ knowledge and skills have been a saving grace in design, prototyping and staging for production. We trust his guidance and know that he will do what he says he will do in the time frame and within the budget quoted.”
~ Jack M., President, See2pee Inc.

"I retained Brook’s Technical Solutions to assist in bringing my project, Sea Kit, to life. Over the last couple of years I have been the benefactor of Dwight’s creativity, problem solving, and calm professionalism. There have been numerous areas beyond his expertise that he has been able to successfully navigate me through and his vast amount of contacts around the world has proven to be a hidden but extremely valuable resource. With full confidence I would refer any one of my friends to Dwight Brooks.”
~ Ty T., CEO, Sea Pest, Inc.

"…outstanding knowledge of both design and molding practices… BrooksTech work is some of the best that they have ever seen…in this business, the least amount of changes needed to complete a project equals time, money and a happy customer…talk to BrooksTech before you start your next project.”
~ Mike M., Kingsley Industries, Inc. China Manufacturing